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The WHS Law Firm’s attorneys leverage their own, extensive business experience to achieve their client’s business objectives.

With 18 years experience in software engineering, technology sales and corporate management, WHS Law brings a unique depth of experience and discernment to its practice.

Our attorneys are experienced practitioners before the USPTO, and experienced litigators in state and federal courts, and provide attentive, effective and efficient service – always keeping their clients’ business objectives in mind.


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Delivering Results

Drove plaintiff’s patent damages effort including, damages models, discovery, over 100 expert reports & successful oppositions to Daubert motions, which supported over $10M in recovery.

Obtained favorable settlements in 23 cases. Settlements were with small to very large corporations, and resulted in payments ranging from 5 to 7 figures.

Secured dismissal of lawsuit seeking declarations of no duty to defend and reimbursement, inter alia, thru F. R. Civ. P. 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss.

Negotiated withdrawal of motion to compel thru vigorous opposition, resulting in significant reduction in plaintiff’s demand for supplementation and in savings to client of over 118 hours.

Forced plaintiff, via a motion for summary adjudication, to amend its complaint in a shareholder derivative action, breach of fiduciary duty and wrongful discharge, inter alia, in Cal. Super. Ct.

Obtained critical evidence thru taking deposition of FRCP 30(b)(6) designees of over 20 Fortune 100 companies across the nation, under tight deadlines and all within a one-month period.

As a result of a thorough and insightful deposition, exposed deficiencies in methodology used by defendants’ expert witness, a witness with 40 years of experience, and bolstered client’s expert.

Developed strong positions on infringement and purported prior art for early neutral evaluation, prepared statement & made presentation, contributing to highly favorable settlement at ENE.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Representative Matters

Broad Experience Delivering Results
The common thread: personal attention and a business approach to problem solving

• Defense Counsel | Trademark Infringement (“Craigstruck”); Craigslist, Inc. v. Deuce Jackson LLC et al (N.D. Cal. Case No. 3:13-cv-01501)

• Plaintiff Counsel | Patent Infringement (intelligent power distribution, software); Cyber Switching Patents, LLC v. Server Technology, Inc. et al (N.D. Cal. Case No. 3:14-cv-02693 and 6 related cases)

• Defense Counsel | Contract Breach, Shareholder Derivative, Wrongful Termination (wholesale grocer); Tinucci v. Galli Produce, Inc. (Santa Clara Super. Ct. Case No. 112-cv-224340)

• Defense Counsel | No Duty to Defend; National Surety Corp. v. Galli Produce Co. et al (N.D. Cal. Case No. 5:13-cv-04131)

• Plaintiff Counsel | Patent Infringement (Internet, software, databases); GeoTag, Inc. v. Frontier Comm. Corp. et al (E.D. Tex. Case No. 2:10-CV-00265 and 100+ related cases)

• Defense Counsel | Patent Infringement (computer monitor accessories, mechanical devices); Mass Engineered Design, Inc. v. Planar Systems, Inc. (E.D. Tex. Case No. 6:14-cv-00414)

• Plaintiff Counsel | Patent Infringement (photographic accessory, mechanical devices); Photoflex, Inc. v. CowboyStudio (N.D. Cal. Case No. 3:13-cv-05836)

• Plaintiff Counsel | Patent Infringement (modular computing, mobile phones, TVs); SmartData,. S.A. v. Apple, Inc. (N.D. Cal. Case No. 4:12-cv-00583 and 3 related cases)

• Counsel | International Trademark Infringement (China); Sun Mountain Sports, Inc.

• Counsel | Allegations of Trademark Infringement; P.M. Lawrence

• Defense Counsel | Unlawful Detainer; AGP 2619 Mission, LLC v. Zuleta (San Francisco Super. Ct. Case No. CUD-13-643969)

• Defense Counsel | Civil Restraining Order; Rivers v. Begert (San Francisco Super. Ct. Case No. CCH-13-574265)

• Counsel | Estate Planning including Pet Trust; S. Salzman

• Petitioner Counsel | Custody Matters; Ortega v. Rodas (Contra Costa Super. Ct. Case No. MSD12-02848

  • Experience
  • Dedication
  • Success


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William Stewart


WILLIAM STEWART works with technology and consumer goods companies to resolve intellectual property and other business disputes – always keeping clients’ business objectives in mind. Mr. Stewart’s practice spans the full spectrum of intellectual property litigation and includes patent, trademark, and copyright matters before district courts and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (pro hac vice). His practice also includes complex commercial litigation before California courts, such as wrongful termination and shareholder derivative suits and priority fights over deeds of trust.

MR. STEWART began his legal career as an Associate at Mount, Spelman & Fingerman (the “Mount Firm”). The Mount Firm has a proud history of successfully represented clients (plaintiffs and defendants) in intellectual property and other business disputes for more than 30 years. William led critical efforts in complex litigation, from pleadings and discovery to dispositive motion practice. He developed arguments for claim construction, infringement and invalidity, including preparation of patent rule disclosures of the same. William was most successful in obtaining favorable settlements for his clients. William is very grateful to Dan Mount, founder, owner and recognized Super Lawyer, for his years of mentorship.

Prior to his law career, WILLIAM STEWART spent 18 successful years at IBM. As programmer at Santa Teresa Laboratory, Mr. Stewart earned the CEO Corporate Technical Achievement Award for the prototype, design and development of an artificial intelligence system that increased productivity by 29%, improved performance by 500% and saved the company $2M. As a manager of Northern California enterprise software sales, William was named Top Sales Manager in the Americas by leading negotiations of large, technology transactions for the entire IBM software portfolio in a cross-industry, Fortune 100 territory, including Kaiser, Schwab and Visa. Finally, as manager of the West Region’s software IT architects, William achieved 100% satisfaction ratings by leading successful implementation of IBM’s largest enterprise licensing agreements in accounts across the West, such as American Express, Farmers, WellPoint, USAA and ExxonMobile.

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Rich Salles


​Richard Bennett Salles is a Registered USPTO Patent Attorney who loves working with inventors and drafting effective patent applications. Rich received his BA from Princeton University, majoring in philosophy and minoring in physics. Rich received his J.D. with Honors from the University of Oregon School of Law, where he received a Certificate in Intellectual Property for his coursework in patent infringement.

Rich has a technical background in electronics, solid state and integrated circuits. Rich has practiced in patent litigation and military law, having served as an Army JAG Corps Captain stateside and overseas.

After passing the USPTO Patent Bar in March of 2014, Rich worked in patent litigation for a prominent NPE, assisting expert witnesses in drafting patent infringement and invalidity reports. Rich has also done patentability evaluations for clients in federal district court litigation and in USPTO Inter Partes Review proceedings. Since September, 2015, Rich has been drafting and filing utility patent applications for inventors with the USPTO.